descriptive theorem

descriptive theorem
описательная теорема

English-Russian scientific dictionary. 2008.

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  • Descriptive complexity — is a branch of finite model theory, a subfield of computational complexity theory and mathematical logic, which seeks to characterize complexity classes by the type of logic needed to express the languages in them. For example, PH, the union of… …   Wikipedia

  • Descriptive set theory — In mathematical logic, descriptive set theory is the study of certain classes of well behaved subsets of the real line and other Polish spaces. As well as being one of the primary areas of research in set theory, it has applications to other… …   Wikipedia

  • Descriptive complexity theory — For other uses, see Kolmogorov complexity. Descriptive complexity is a branch of computational complexity theory and of finite model theory that characterizes complexity classes by the type of logic needed to express the languages in them. For… …   Wikipedia

  • Borel determinacy theorem — In descriptive set theory, the Borel determinacy theorem shows that any Gale Stewart game whose winning set is a Borel set is determined, meaning that one of the two players will have a winning strategy for the game. It was proved by Donald A.… …   Wikipedia

  • Folk theorem (game theory) — infobox equilibrium name= Folk theorem subsetof = Minimax, Nash Equilibrium discoverer = various, notably Ariel Rubinstein usedfor = Infinitely repeated games example = Repeated prisoner s dilemma In game theory, folk theorems are a class of… …   Wikipedia

  • Weierstrass–Casorati theorem — The Casorati Weierstrass theorem in complex analysis describes the remarkable behavior of meromorphic functions near essential singularities. It is named for Karl Theodor Wilhelm Weierstrass and Felice Casorati.Start with an open subset U of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Wold's theorem — This article is about the theorem as used in time series analysis. For an abstract mathematical statement, see Wold decomposition. In statistics, Wold s decomposition or the Wold representation theorem (not to be confused with the Wold theorem… …   Wikipedia

  • Fagin's theorem — is a result in descriptive complexity theory which states that the set of all properties expressible in existential second order logic is precisely the complexity class NP. It is remarkable since it is a characterization of the class NP which… …   Wikipedia

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